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By visiting and/or purchasing from our website you as the customer understand and agree to the following terms and conditions. 

  • “Company”, "we" refers to The British Shop (Götebrittanian AB)
  • "website" refers to
  • The company's Swedish organisation number is 559216-5194
  • The company has it's visiting address/shop at - The British Shop, Antikhallarna, Västra Hamngatan 6, 41117, Göteborg, Sweden.
  • The company has it's registered office address at (this address is not open for visitors) - Götebrittanian AB, Danska Vägen 78a, 41659, Gothenburg, Sweden. 
  • "The customer", "you" refers to the person viewing and/or purchasing goods from our webshop.
  • If you wish to contact the company please email –


1. Ingredient Information

  • ENGLISH - Every care is taken to ensure that product information (ingredient, allergen, storage, origin, instructions, and nutrition) is correct both online and on product information labels. Manufacture’s constantly update, change, and reformulate product content and this can happen at short notice. As a company we always try our best to pass on any updates as soon as possible, but as a company always recommend reading the manufacturer’s printed information in English first. If you have an intolerance or allergy of any level, would like to check any of the ingredients or would like information in Swedish, please contact us before you order and/or consume any product so we can assist and inform you. We cannot be held liable, nor take any responsibility for wrong information online or on product labels that results in harm or damages.
  • SVENSKA - Alla försiktighetsåtgärder vidtas för att säkerställa att produktinformationen (ingrediens, allergen, förvaring, ursprung, instruktioner och näring) är korrekt både online och på produktinformationsetiketterna. Tillverkningen uppdaterar, ändrar och omformulerar ständigt produktinnehåll och detta kan ske med kort varsel. Vi gör alltid vårt bästa för att vidarebefordra eventuella uppdateringar så snart som möjligt, men vi rekommenderar alltid att först läsa tillverkarens tryckta information på engelska. Om du har en intolerans eller allergi av någon nivå, vill kontrollera någon av ingredienserna eller vill ha information på svenska, vänligen kontakta oss innan du beställer och/eller konsumerar någon produkt så att vi kan hjälpa dig och informera dig. Vi kan inte hållas ansvariga, och tar inte heller något ansvar för felaktig information online eller på produktetiketter som leder till skada eller skada.


2. Account Registration

  • An account is not require to visit or purchase products from our website, You can check out as a guest. 
  • A free account is obtained by registering via, then selecting register.
  • By registering your account you agree that you are 18 years old or above.
  • By registering an account via you agree to our company's Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy and Terms and Conditions.
  • By registering an account you will be able to log in and save multiple shipping address, access order history, track orders to see if they have been packed, send messages, view recently viewed products and save items to your wish list. 
  • If you have forgotten your password you can request a new one by filling in your email address under the sign in feature on our website and by selecting "forgot your password". You will then receive an email with a link to reset your password.
  • We as a company have the right to pause and/or cancel membership at anytime and without prior notice.
  • We always recommend customers to sign out of their account when not actively using our website.
  • You can edit and update your account at anytime by logging via our website.
  • To delete your account or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us -


3. Ordering

  • After completing your purchase on our website, you will receive an order confirmation email to your given email address. In this confirmation you will find information about your order including, products, pricing, delivery address and our contact details.
  • If anything is wrong or a mistake has been made, please contact us a soon as possible so we can help solve the issue. Unfortunately, if an order has already been collected by the delivery company, we are unable to make any adjustments.
  • When you order from our website we will always try to pick products with the best possible dates. However, sometimes we may send products that have a shorter than normal date, this is normally as they are the last we have in stock and as a customer you agree to this without claim.
  • Our system is live and connected to our stock levels. Under certain circumstances errors can occur and certain products maybe out of stock, even though you as a customer have ordered and the payment accepted. If this happens you agree as the customer that we can send a similar product or a better product without any affect on cost, or we can remove the product from the original order and adjust the price by refund/gift certificate, however the delivery cost will remain the same.


4. Delivery and Collection

  • Our normal delivery time is between 1-5 working days. Please note, the delivery time is from the day the package is sent from our shop. Orders that are placed under weekends/bank holidays (red days) will be sent as soon as possible, normally the next working day.
  • If there is a delay in delivery and we have not already contacted you, please contact us as soon as possible –
  • For packages that you as the customer have failed to collect from the DHL service point, thus resulting in the package/s returned to The British Shop (Götebrittanian AB) and/or our delivery partner’s terminal, we have the right to invoice 400kr Exl. VAT. The issued invoice will be sent to the email provided during ordering with 30-day payment terms and covers the cost of the return delivery of packages and/or resending of packages to the customer and administration costs.
  • Any reminder fees received by the customer are not covered by The British Shop (Götebrittanian AB) and must be paid in full by the customer.
  • When entering your details for delivery please ensure your information matches the ID that will be used when collecting packages from the DHL Service Points. If the information is incorrect resulting in package/s returned to The British Shop (Götebrittanian AB) and/or our delivery partner’s terminal, we have the right to invoice 400kr Exl. VAT. The issued invoice will be sent to the email provided during ordering with 30-day payment terms and covers the cost of the return delivery of packages and/or resending of packages and administration costs.
  • Products will be packed to the best possible standard and quality controlled before being sent. You as the customer understand, accept and agree that a few select products (E.g. Easter Eggs, crisps, mince pies, Christmas crackers, chocolate, canned items) are fragile throughout the delivery process and can result in damages outside The British Shop’s (Götebrittanian AB) and/or our delivery partner’s control and no claim can be brought, nor will any refund or replacement product be owed.
  • Products will be sent at the correct temperature as per the manufacture’s guidelines and you as a customer understand and agree that select items can be affected by elements outside of our control (E.g. weather). We take no responsibility for products that are damaged or for loss of quality.
  • We take no responsibility for damages that occur during delivery. If any damage has occurred, please contact us as soon as possible – and we will launch an investigation with our delivery partner. The delivery partner has the final say against claims and their response is final. No refund or replacement product will be sent unless we receive a positive outcome from the delivery partner to cover these costs. To read more about claims please refer to point 8 - Complaints, Claims, Errors and Defects.

 Delivery options:

  1. Free pick-up from our shop within 48 hours – you agree to pick up your products within 48 hours (within our opening hours which can change at short notice) or contact us as soon as possible to make other arrangements. Products not collected within 48 hours and no contact from the customer will be refunded (minus an administration fee of 20%) and returned to sale.
  2. DHL Service Point Delivery – packages will be sent to your nearest DHL Service Point, sometimes it is not possible to send to the nearest Service Point due to reasons beyond our control and will be sent to a Service Point within the same kommun. You as the customer agree to this without claim. DHL Service Point delivery costs (Inc. VAT): 0-3kgs = 99Kr, 3.1-7kgs = 119kr, 7.1-13kgs = 135Kr.


 5. Prices

  • All prices on our web shop are inclusive of VAT and in Swedish Crowns.


 6. Returns

  • When ordering from our website you have the legal right to return products within 14 days from the day you received your products you ordered.

If you wish to return products:

  1. You need to contact The British Shop (Götebrittanian AB) – and in this email you need to write your name, address, email, order number and what products you wish to return, quantity of products you wish to return and the reason for return.
  2. At the soonest and the latest 14 days after we have received the return contact email you need to return the products to us at The British Shop, Antikhallarna, Västra Hamngatan 6, 41117, Göteborg, Sweden.
  3. When returning products, you agree to stand for the return delivery cost, you will ensure that the items are well packaged and transported at the correct temperature as stated by the product manufacture to avoid damage. Normally the package will need to be dropped off to a specific point, which maybe different to the original collection point, of which you as the customer agree to no claim for the travel to and from this point.
  4. Products can spoil due to dates, products that have past their best before and/or used by date are not able to be returned. 
  5. Some products are non-returnable, this will be stated under the product description and the reason why. In the case we are not able to accept a return on these products and you as the customer cannot seek to claim.


7. Complaints, Claims, Errors and Defects

  • Any complaints, claims, errors and defects must always be reported to, you need to send your name, address, e-mail address, order number and a description of the error and pictures.
  • We check all products before they are sent to you to ensure the standard of the product follows our terms and conditions. We are not responsible for any damages that occur during delivery. If any damage/loss occurs during the delivery process, please contact us as soon as possible and we will file a claim with the relevant delivery company. Only upon the relevant delivery company’s approval will be reimburse/replace the delivery fee and/or product/s that were damaged/loss incurred, in the first case product/s will be replaced and resent at no extra cost to the customer. In some instances, products maybe discontinued or out of stock, we will offer a full refund or a replacement product no more than original price of the product. If a product/s are resent, they will be sent as per our terms and conditions point 4 – delivery and collection. In some case’s we may ask for the product/s to be returned, you must always contact us for approval before returning items and returns may require you as the customer to drop them to a specific point and you as the customer agree to this and the cost of return travel to this point.
  • If the fault lies with us as a company and we do not succeed in rectifying the fault or delivering a similar product, we will reimburse you for the defective product in accordance with applicable consumer protection legislation.
  • We reserve the right to refuse a complaint if it turns out that the product is not defective in accordance with current consumer protection legislation. In the case of complaints, we follow guidelines from the General Complaints Board, see

 8. Responsibilities

  • We take no responsibility, nor can be held liable for indirect harm caused by a product. Customers with concern can always contact us – and in turn will supply them with the manufacture’s contact details to the product of concern.
  • We take no responsibility nor held liable for delays or any other issues that may arise outside of our control (Force Majeure). This can be for example and not limited to, worker strikes, fire, war, government conflict, natural disasters, shortages of products from suppliers or issues affecting our delivery partners outside of their control.  
  • We reserve the right for price changes on our web shop and/or advertisement material due to price increases from suppliers and/or mis-printed/mis-listed or error.


 9. Product Information

  • We take no responsibility nor can you as the customer claim in the event of error on this website or marketing material, we cannot guarantee that images or descriptions of products are exact of the current product, including but not limited to: packaging, ingredients and nutrition, colour, style, and look. Sometimes colour can differ due to monitor, photo quality, uploading, size etc. We will always try our best to select the image and text that represents the product the best.


 10. Personal Information

  • Please see our “Privacy Policy” and "Cookie Policy" at the bottom of our homepage for information about how we handle your data, including information, cookies, tracking and GDPR. Under our “Privacy Policy” and "Cookie Policy" page you can read about how to change your preferences and request information.


 11. Changes to Terms and Conditions

  • We hold the rights to update and/or change our terms and conditions without notice. Updates and/or changes will be published online on our webpage. The updates and/or changes are accepted by the customer when visiting our webpage and/or placing an order.


 12. Legal

  • If a solution to a claim cannot be reached between The British Shop (Götebrittanian AB) and the customer, you as the customer can turn to Allmänna Reklamationsnämnden, see For customers living outside of Sweden you can turn to the EU Commission, see
  • With claims, we follow the decision of ARN or the equivalent authority.
  • Any claims bought forward by the customer against these terms and conditions shall follow and/or be heard in the Swedish court of law.